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The city of Saint Paul, MNFirst of all we are dedicated to our profession by being highly trained mobile mechanics, but it is also very important to us that we can serve the people of Saint Paul, MN. We really love living here in this amazing town so here we have collected a few important and interesting facts about our city so you can get to know more about it. If you have ever been there, you know that the people are super nice and for us this is just the best place to live in the United States. You could argue that there are bigger cities in the USA, but considering what makes our life worthwile and enjoyable, we just think that living in Saint Paul is a great experience for the citizens here. 

Some facts about Saint Paul, MN:

 Maybe you did not know, but it is not Minneapolis, but Saint Paul which is the capital of Minnesota and also the seat of Ramsey County. 

Both the Mississippi and the Minnesota Rivers are very close to the city. 

Every winter we host the Saint Paul Winter Carneval, a tradition which goes back as late as 1886. 

Behind Boston, our city has the highest number of education institutions per capita. 

Holman Airfield is the local airport which is just across the river. 

The neighborhoods we are from:

The best restaurants in Saint Paul:

Tongue in Cheek
Red Cow

Our favorite sights in Saint Paul:

Recreation Area
Como Park Zoo

Over the years we gathered many friends who are regularly visiting our city because they completely fell in love with it. To be honest, this does not come as a huge surprise to us. Saint Paul has so many nice aspects so we can be sure that the visitors who are coming here are always having a fantastic time and there are just always new things to explore. Our city is a great combination of natural sights and metropolitan treasures, so no matter what you want to find in a city as a tourist, you will definitely have some amazing days here if you decide to give us a chance. We will be also very happy to help you out if you need further tips about the city. And of course you can also give us a call if you experience anny difficulties with your vehicle while you are here. 


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#1 Mobile Mechanics in Saint Paul

Call Now: (651) 212-4222